We’ve all got to do it when we start a blog, that dreaded first post! How will we come across? Will people like us? Will people like our products?!

Just to underline the obvious, we’re a website, you can find our online shop at www.retromojo.co.uk, selling retro, vintage antique and collectable items.

A bit about us, we’re a husband and wife team, Steve & Donna, we’ve noticed on our travels that many retro and vintage dealers are couples, must be a sign of a good relationship! Anyway, I’ll try to avoid going off on tangents but it does happen!

We both have a passion for good design from the early 20th century to modern day but our favourite era is without a doubt 1950s to 1970s. We’ve been collecting for quite a few years but the time has come to move some stock on to new homes and to share our finds, (It’s that or re-house the kids!)

Here’s an oversight of the key areas we collect and deal in and where we’d like to take things.

Glass, very closely followed by ceramics, are our main passion. We love English, Scandinavian, Italian and Czech glass, we are also very keen on West German Fat Lava vases and good ceramic items from anywhere in the world.

Homewares including lamps, mirrors, clocks, tableware and kitchen items are also very high on our agenda. We’re a sucker for teak and bright colours but try to stay away from anything too garish, just our personal taste.


Quirky random items can be found in our curios and collectables section as well as older early 20th century items and random stuff such as ammo storage boxes, which by the way make very funky indoor or outdoor storage!


Our knowledge does cover quite a wide area but as with everyone else we are learning new things all the time. You can find us on glassmessages.com and 20thcenturyforum.com discussing products and designers.

Ordering on our website, www.retromojo.co.uk, is very easy, postage is free for all UK orders, insurance can be added at cost, overseas please email to reserve item then shipping is worked out. All payments are processed securely by PayPal and we’ve dealt online for many years so you can completely trust our integrity and honesty. Everything is well packed using recycled materials.

Please email steve@retromojo.co.uk if there’s any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback you’d like to put our way.

Lastly please visit our Facebook page and hopefully ‘Like’ us, facebook.com/RetroMojoUK and feel free to follow us on Twitter @RetroMojoUK

Well, not too bad for a first post I think, more to come soon hopefully. We don’t want to be one of these blogs that never does a second post or updates once a year! The aim will be one a month at least and the content may be repoduced in part and sent out in our newsletter.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you on the website soon!