This is the tricky second post, have to follow the first with gusto, keep the ball rolling – the pressure!

Retro it is then!

Post modern design is great, you do have to look beneath the covers to find the truly innovative products but, as far as I can tell, what’s in front of our eyes are a continous stream of homage to mid century modern and 60s and 70s design.

Furniture, lighting, glassware, and fashion, although that last one is not my area so I’ll leave it alone, to name but a few. The likes of Ikea, John Lewis et al right down to the supermarkets are plaigarising the periods we know and love, watering them, and pricing them down, to pander to the masses. Sorry I forgot to mention Next, my own personal pet hate!

Thankfully though there are still connoisseurs out there who appreciate the original retro and vintage stock, those who want to know that that item in their kitchen, office, hallway etc is the real McCoy, the genuine artefact, reasearched, searched for and parted with their hard earned to add to their definition of an ideal home.

Our purchases, whether we like it or not, define us. I personally need to know that what we own, display and use represents style, taste and individuality, who doesn’t?

We could all be buddist about it and not bother whether that glass bowl is Holmegaard by Per Lutken or an Ikea repro. Possessions don’t define us etc etc but then if this was truly the case no one would buy our finds, or anyone elses, and no one would be reading this post?

What I’m trying to say I think is that if we are going to define ourself through our surroundings, interiors and home furnishings then we can remove some of the guilt by knowing it’s the real thing!

Things will be lighter in the next post, I promise!