Ok, we admit it, we slightly O.D’d on social media! When we launched Retro Mojo last year we aimed to, as well as obviously update the website with new stock, update and utilise effectively Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, WordPress and Google+. We’ve not done too badly with now quite a presence on most but unfortunately it’s our blog with high ambitions that’s been left lagging 😦

Anyhoo we’re now here to fix that, so here’s a few bits and pieces to digest :

We like nothing more than hunting out retro, vintage, antique and collectable gems – unloved, unappreciated items, long forgotten, and bringing them to new homes for a fresh lease of life. We clean, fix, tweak, mend, test, research every item with passion.

There’s been a huge number of new additions to the website over the last six months, stretching from glass and ceramics to tableware, lighting, clocks, mirrors and some random retro items. All our stock, bar a few antique pieces, keep to our slogan of 20th Century Design, with the large majority from the 1950s-1970s but a number of items fall either side of this. We were over the moon when a couple of industrial lamps stands and our refurbished Eyeball Lamp were recently scooped up by a couple of interior designers to be used for a competition of BBC2!

A few other great finds we’ve had recently were a Harvey Guzinni Bud Grande floor lamp, now gone to a new home, and a Roger Capron 1950s ceramic lamp base, not too many of these on the market!

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The Thinker

The Thinker
We love this fellow, a gorgeous hand carved teak sculpture we’ve entitled ‘The Thinker’ after other abstract verions of the well known work of Rodin. There are other similar modern sculptures on the market of Ghanaian origin but this one has some age to it and is quite a bit larger, standing at 12″ tall. He needed a good clean and a coat of teak oil to bring him back to his former glory, and now we’d see him right at home in any mid century setting!

Phillips Infraphil Lamp

Phillips Infraphil Lamp
Whether for theraputic or aesthetic purposes this heat lamp from the 1970s by Phillips is a winner either way! We love the chrome grill and surround set in the flat funnel steel body, powder coated in an air force blue. This stands on a metal footing and is adjustable to position.

Set of four mid century style mugs

Set of four mid century style mugs
The colours and pattern did it for us on these, a great display combo or for practical use. The pattern under the glaze reminiscent of Danish ceramic design, again with a mid century aesthetic, the bases are marked foreign so all we can deduce is that these were export items, hard to say where from. In almost new condition, they look completely unused. Some very light interior crazing to one or two of the insides,

Rhythm Alarm Clock

Rhythm Alarm Clock
Fantastic 1970s design, we can’t get enough of these Japanese Rhythm Alarm clocks! From the fantastic dark blue body with silver bezel to the brown/gold/yellow metallic style face and illuminated hour markers, you can’t go too wrong. One small thing to remember before purchasing, these things tick, so if you’re a light sleeper who prefers digital or a silent sweeper movement maybe go for retro digital!

Bay Keramik Dish by Bodo Mans

Bay Keramik dish by Bodo Mans
A 1950s West German Bay Keramik asymmetric oval tray, designed by Bodo Mans, with white glossy mottles and coloured stripes. The form shape number is 1210. In great condition this item measures 270 mm long, 110 mm wide and 90mm tall.

Hand Made Vintage Wooden Toy Car

Hand Made Vintage Wooden Toy Car
Made from a block of multiple ply woods and well varnished. Produced by Boot Productions in the UK, with a label to base. Some small light knocks commensurate with age and use although this is in superb condition. A fantastic interior design piece for a child’s room! Measures 210 mm long, 80 mm tall and 100 mm wide.

Bevelled Edge Teak Framed Mirror

1940s/50s Teak Framed Mirror
Teak framed mirror, 1940s/50s, deep bevelled surround, very heavy little mirror! Some light marks on the glass as can be expected of a mirror of this age. Measures 205 mm across and 25 mm deep with oiginal hanging chain to reverse.

Loads more on the website we couldn’t squeeze on here, please pop along and have a browse 🙂