Here we have a puzzle piece that we adore. It is a beautiful piece of glass with various markings and stamps that point us in all different directions from South America to Italy!
An Italian Ewer with a sterling silver collar, stamped Bichielli 925, applied in Pomigliano d’Arco, near Naples, by Expluit Argentaria Oreficeria and a small chromed blank cartouche sits centre front.The technical skill and the glass working abilities required to produce this piece are the achievements of a master glass blower. It is a remarkable item and it displays numerous methods of glass artistry, all of which can only be accomplished by exceptionally high levels of precision and understanding within the working medium of glass.Stickers to base: Murano made in Italy and Expluit Argentaria Oreficeria Pomigliano D’Arco (NA), which appears to be the jewellers label. It measures 300mm tall and is an extremely delicate piece.

Additional comments kindly supplied by Dean from Murano Art Glass Australia

‘What a great piece reminiscent of 17th century Facon de Venise murano glass with a classical feminine shape. I am almost 100% certain that it is Soffiato Glass, which is a gentle and very light colouration of glass used today.  It’s greatest exponent was Vittorio Zecchin who mastered the technqiue and he created the most amazing objects.  We have a few pieces in our own personal collection and they are truly UNIQUE but this is what Zecchin was renowned for.  It could possibly be by him and the cartouche you see on the side is remeniscent of Bacchus, God of Wine so it fits perfectly with its intended use.’