We’ve been a fan of these vases for a number of years and we’re as yet to find another collector of them so please make yourself known if you’re out there!

Generally considered a poor relation to the Whitefriars and Holmegaard’s of this world but this design was intended to bring the vibe of the day to the masses – in this case via Woolworths in the 60’s and 70’s.

It filled that gap at the height of the bright and colorful organic and geometric glass forms of the day but at a more affordable price point.

Nearly always mistaken for Davidson Luna range by Brama and very occasionally, although we really wonder how, attributed to Geoffrey Baxter for Whitefriars!

Links to Davidson Luna range by Brama can be found at the base of this post.



Origins and specs

One website states that these are Japanese ‘Best Art Glass’ as examples have been seen labelled. Also seen have been the standard foil ‘FOREIGN’ import labels.

All in all it was obviously a mass produced cheap import piece which we think has an inherent collectability due to the wide range of colourways, the fact that many would’ve have long been broken and lost and finally it’s not the worst quality example of glass manufacture and does catch the light very well.

Variety in heights

Base imprints are consistent


They usually measure between 170-180 mm tall and 47 mm square, with some small deviations; any taller than this and you may have one of the later lesser quality examples. These are easy to tell apart, aside from the greater height and a much lighter and generally cheaper feel, these have a cross hatch pattern between the raised bark sections and personally we wouldn’t advise wasting your collecting budget on them.



Often Two tone in colour, blending from one shade to another, with the large majority cased in clear, and having a relatively thick base on some examples with more colour on others. Many single colours have been seen including yellow, red, blue, tangerine, green and aubergine, as yet no clear seen but we can’t imagine these would be popular in the day so probably don’t exist.

Shape wise, of course we’ve focused on the square variety here, these were also available in slim cylinder and hexagon varieties. Assuming that these alternative versions were also made in a similar set of colourways we estimate a collecting scope of maybe thirty different shapes and colours.



Pricewise they can be purchased from ebay from £5-£15 each, again oft mis-attributed, so worth a search for Davidson, Luna etc, but the downside is if they’ve mis-described them as this then the sellers usually think they’re worth even more! As another search tip, if you’ve got the patience, just try ‘square glass vase’ and scroll away.

As per usual car boots and charity shops are a good place to look or you can go straight to the glass specialists where they retail for up to £30. Beware though, we purchased one this way to fill a gap in our collection and it turned out to be the cheaper variety. Not the dealer’s fault but ours for not double checking the height. As with everything in this game you live and learn 🙂




The full list of colours we’ve seen –

Single colours, usually cased in clear

Two tone versions
Orange through to dark green or brown
Red through to black
Pale yellow through to green
Pale blue or kingfisher through to dark blue

Please let us know if you’ve seen others!

To make this reference complete you can view examples of the Luna range here and here. Personally for us the similarities end at the shape and approximate size!

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