The first time I came across an Ingrid Glashütte bark vase was at a car boot sale quite a few years ago when the seller convinced me that it was a Whitefriars vase. It didn’t take me long to figure I’d been duped but I was strangely grateful that I’d accidentally been introduced to this glass.

Ingrid Glass vases either side of a Geoffrey Baxter Whitefriars Bark vase.



Ingrid Glashütte, Ingrid Glas, Ingrid Glaser or Ingrid Glass, was based in Germany but also used factories just over the border in Austria. They produced glass from at least the 1960’s through to the late 1970’s when they closed due to financial issues; we don’t have any history prior to this.

The particular range I’m going to focus on was very obviously influenced by Geoffrey Baxter’s textured range for Whitefriars, and was marketed as their Rock Crystal range. Ingrid Glass were not alone in copying the style along with Ravenhead, Davidson, Colony and many others, but across the glass spectrum Ingrid Glass had some high quality pieces as well as some lower end stock and I feel their Rock Crystal range sit about the middle.




The physical attributes of these vases themselves are a mixed bag. Generally they are made from two part molds and have a ground rim although we’ve seen some with fire polished rims. Mostly they are of a good weight and the glass feels a good quality however, and we assume these to be later, there are versions in a much thinner glass, usually a single colour with a crimped rim, that feel much cheaper all round. The bark pattern on these lesser productions were also much less defined in compared to the deep bark grooves of the top drawer items.

Many were produced with gorgeous deep colours fading though to clear, colours cased in clear, including amber, ruby, blue (from pale to deep), sage and purple as well as lesser seen versions such as pale blue lined with white glass, clear lined with yellow, clear with white lining and completely white glass versions.



Waisted Narrow Vases


Image – Steve Optix


Image Etsy – That Retro Piece


Image – Steve Optix


Image – Le Vieux Warehouse


Bulbous Vase Examples


Image – Retro Mojo


Image – Retro Mojo


Image – Steve Optix


Core, we believe, to the Rock Crystal range are two sizes in a tall narrow waisted vase, two sizes in a votive candle holder, a pot belly vase (with narrow or broad neck), again very similar to a Whitefriars shape, and lastly, our favorite, the bulbous form, again in two sizes. There are a number of other Ingrid Glass shapes in the range including cylinders, ball shapes, square vases and teardrops, but we’ve only seen these in the lesser quality so would guess them to be later additions to the range due to popularity at the time and wanting to capitalise on the trend.



Pot Belly Vases


On a side note there’s also a very similar form to the ‘Candida’ design by Nanny Still for Riihimaki and also copied by Colony. reference here.


Examples of Votive Candle Holders


Image Etsy – Eclectivist

The top end pieces of Ingrid Glass are often signed but as these sit middle of the road we’ve yet to see a Rock Crystal vase signed or marked other than with a gold and red round label.

Cost of these pieces can range from £15 from small pieces to around £50 for larger pieces in popular colourways.

Reference – Heights

Tall Waisted – 260 mm
Short Waisted – 230 mm
Tall Bulbous – 190 mm
Short Bulbous – 160 mm
Pot Belly – 160 mm
Small Votive – 110 mm
Large Votive – 180 mm

All can be give or take 10 mm

Ingrid Glashütte Group on Flickr


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We’ve had a couple more in stock recently at Retro Mojo and thought it would be amiss not to update the page here with some fresh items!

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