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So many images we could’ve gone with but one cool item we love is this set of mid-20th century pastel colour crown green bowls!



Retro Mojo is run by husband and wife team Steve and Donna who both have a passion for Retro, Vintage, Antique and Collectable items, who want you to be delighted with your purchases as they were when we found them! The quality of the products they sell are a far cry from the throwaway society we now live in. You cannot get more carbon friendly than purchasing Antique, Vintage and Retro, it’s the ultimate recycle with extra individuality thrown in!


How did you get into vintage?

From a very young age I seem to have been surrounded by it. My earliest memories of vintage are giant Lyons Tea and Black Cat Cigarette enamel porcelain signs in our garden to my great grandfather’s house next door and the Rudolf Schrotter Sklo Bullet vase he had on his window sill. These things and many more attracted me due to the history, style and just pure authenticity they seemed to scream rather than today’s faceless products.


What has been your favourite vintage find?

Almost too numerous to mention but one that always pops into my head and a personal favourite is a Roger Capron Lamp Base found at a car boot sale.


How did you come up with your shop´s concept // what inspired you?

We toyed with many names, one we very nearly went with was Collectionable! We thought a new word may be fun but it was quite doing it for us, so with heads down once more we came up with the idea that if you wanted some 20th century design in your house, apartment, bar, restaurant etc you’d want some retro mojo so here we are!


Do you think vintage is coming becoming mainstream – or is it already in your opinion?

The vintage style is certainly now mainstream but thankfully the number of bona fide vintage items are finite which means we can carry on searching to bring real vintage to the masses whilst the major high street stores can only imitate vintage. You’re not going to see a buyer from John Lewis or Marks and Spencer’s trawling a field at 7am on a Sunday morning!


What is it about Etsy?

The whole ethos of authenticity, originality, often one of a kind. As much as we’d like to be completely zen about the whole thing people purchase for many reasons from Etsy – to collect, to decorate, to accessorise but ultimately to define either person or places with their unique finds. We love not being mainstream in what we enjoy and surround ourselves with and we think that yes, to a degree, these things do define who we are and aspire to be.


You can pick the tune for the day of the interview as well, no contemporary music, it has to be vintage!

Well we wanted to pick Rolling Stones – Paint It Black, but we don’t want that to be taken literally so it’s got to be The Doors – Riders on the Storm


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