It doesn’t take much, a funky storage box for your magazines here, some hand cut mid century German silhouettes for the kids bedroom or playroom there, a Danish teak frame mirror in the hallway!

We believe vintage, retro and mid century modern isn’t just about style, it’s about adding unique touches and one of a kind accents to your home interior. It’s about kicking to the curb the big name supermarkets and homestores who plaigiarise all that was good about the 20th century and turning it into cheap, mass produced, product.

Sure they supply great prices on groceries and petrol but why should we let them decorate our kids room or study in the same way as house numbers 1 to 100 of Sheep Lane?

Value for money. You can’t beat buying pre-loved (Or second hand as I’m sure it was once called?) furniture and home accessories, mirrors, lamps, clocks etc of a vintage ilk. Whatever your mid century pound (or buck) goes on it will sure last you a lot further, as well as adding immeasurable kudos to your abode, than the pander to the masses, made in China, attempts at telling you what your home should look like!

Look at the cost versus life span of any vintage product compared to the modern mass market equivalent; they’ve already made it this far and can probably double their life spans, can the same be said by ‘Every little helps’ homewares or the meatball sellers in the big blue and yellow boxes?

Aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sound (carbon footprint long offset) and fully functional – what more could you ask for!

Retro Mojo’s Home Interior Picks:

Study // Home Office – Industrial Goose Neck Lamp


Kitchen – West German Ceramic Wall Clock


Dining Room – J&G Meakin Tableware in the cool orange and white Madrid pattern


Hallway // Corridor – Danish Teak framed mirror hung length ways. Alternatively can be hung horizontally above the fire place or credenza


Living Area – Vintage Port storage crate makes fantastic magazine storage


Play Area // Nursery // Kids Rooms – Pair of early 20th century German hand cut silhouettes with a fairy tale theme

Bedroom – Vintage wind up alarm clock for the bedside, no annoying LCD displays lighting up the room, just a pleasant, lightly illuminated set of hour markers in the coolest of forms. Wake up each day with a vintage vibe!