For us what we do comes down to two things – Collecting and Interior Styling.

Collecting in itself can also come under the interior styling banner and be executed artfully. Take for example the below collections of vintage cameras and typewriters – how cool!


Camera Collection Shelved



Typwriter Wall Collection



There are so many ways to display a collection as well as so many ways to collect. Some go for quantity, based around one or two colours or styles of item, some prefer to curate a collection; either way we believe it’s important to the individual that the elements combining to make the collection see the light of day and are appreciated by more than just the individual possessing them.

We estimate from talking to our customers that purchases made from us are a fairly even split between interior pieces and collection pieces – of course multiple items we stock are fantastically suitable for both.

At Retro Mojo we only sell items that we appreciate the quality and design of or items that provoke an emotional response either through visual aesthetics or tactile touch. Be it stylish and practical e.g. mirrors, clocks, desk lamps or collectors items and statement or accent pieces in the form of glass, ceramics or art.

You cannot beat the buzz of uniting these items with new owners who appreciate and love them, basically eliciting the same emotional response we gained when finding the item.

Moving back to the second part of the tag line of this post – Interior Styling. We have mentioned in previous blog posts our thoughts on, in our opinion, the non materialistic nature of surrounding and attempting to define yourself using tactile, creative and cultural pieces that we feel reflects our own personality. I love the fact that we, you, anybody, can create an interior extremely unique to oneself using a combination of minuscule and sometimes much larger details which have all satisfied an innate desire within.

Colours, shapes, forms, feel, light, legacy, design – a mixture of these keywords are triggered when we find the right pieces – single items or grouped in multiple, we like – no, love – to share our ‘self’ with others, and it should never be discouraged!