We’ve come across a number of these plates over recent years, instantly identifiable by the gold highlighting, animal themes and bold colours. The majority seem to be a painted in a  two or three colour palette and the designs are generally in relief. From what we can ascertain they are Greek tourist pieces from the last twenty or thirty years, produced in various factories and having the retailer’s own stamp added to the rear. Quality is average with many slightly warped examples as well as some ‘mis-holing’ for the hanging elements to the rear, but the collectability with these is firmly located in the bright, gaudy colours and design!

Examples we’ve come across have been stamped – after manufacture – hand made by Pandora Ceramics, Lindos Keramik, Paperis Ceramic, Ibiscus Rodos Hellas (A hotel in Greece), and Dakas among others, so pretty obviously a widely syndicated product through the Greek Islands and mainland. Many are also marked ‘Hand Painted in 24 K Gold’ and it certainly looks the real deal. Underneath the glaze the source of some of the plates can be seen – Ceramica Olympia S.A. is a mark we’ve seen a few times in green.


Anyway, on with the plates!


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