Have the big boys run out of ideas? Is there no originality left?

What else can they strangle the life out of, squeeze every last ounce from it’s mid century soul?

Pineapples. And that’s just the beginning!

So these days everyone wants a slice of vintage in their home, a large number I would imagine would want the real deal, hunt it down out at 7am for the ‘boots, scour ebay, trawl the charity shops? Well now there’s no need because Sainsbury’s, M&S, Tesco, Homebase et al are one by one copying all the vintage homeware classics. Is nothing sacred?

Now this is a good thing you may say, spread the vintage vibe far and wide. Well as readers of this blog and customers of our online shop we’re sure you like to have something original, something you, something limited, something with a soul. No longer does your clock on the wall make your visitors go wow, that plant pot on your window sill, where did you get it? Now it’s ‘I’ve got the same one!’

That’s not supposed to happen. That item is us, me, you, it’s one of my little definitions, a part of the me puzzle. Oh well, back out to find the next slice of design funk!


Here’s some of those culprits, we’re not providing links, we know you don’t want them.


Spot the fake!